Universal Dependencies for Manx Gaelic

Published in Proceedings of the Universal Dependencies Workshop at COLING 2020, 2020

Recommended citation: Kevin P. Scannell. Universal Dependencies for Manx Gaelic. In Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Universal Dependencies at COLING 2020, pages 152–157, 2020. https://kevinscannell.com/files/ud-final.pdf

Abstract: Manx Gaelic is one of the three Q-Celtic languages, along with Irish and Scottish Gaelic. We present a new dependency treebank for Manx consisting of 291 sentences and about 6000 tokens, annotated according to the Universal Dependency (UD) guidelines. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first annotated corpus of any kind for Manx. Our annotations generally follow the conventions established by the existing UD treebanks for Irish and Scottish Gaelic, although we highlight some areas where the grammar of Manx diverges, requiring new analyses. We use 10-fold cross validation to evaluate the accuracy of dependency parsers trained on the corpus, and compare these results with delexicalized models transferred from Irish and Scottish Gaelic.

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